We deliver 1,000 updates per day, every day!

With Freshest Data, you update your chart online whenever you want. Buoys change, sand bars shift, new rocks and bottom structures are found, and new detail is constantly being added to our charts by using the latest technology: satellite imagery, airborne laser, sonar, Notices to Mariners, plus hundreds of thousands of changes made by our community members through User Generated Content.

Freshest Data are delivered to you every day, to make sure you enjoy boating with peace of mind and the absolute best chart content. *

Freshest Data includes:

  • Nautical Chart updates
  • SonarCharts™ beta version, for selected areas
  • Community Edits, hundreds of thousands of edits made by the Navionics Community, viewable on mobile and select chart plotters (Raymarine e/c-Series, Lowrance HDS Gen2 / Gen1 with 4.1 update).

If your chart was purchased less than 2 months ago, you are currently eligible for free updates for a year. Freshest Data must be started within two months of purchase. If your chart was produced before June 2010, to update you need to replace it with a new one, which you can buy from a dealer.

If your chart was produced after June 2010, you are eligible for a 50% discount on updates!



User Generated Content

User Generated Content

A revolution in digital charts: not only are you empowered to edit your charts, but you also benefit from the corrections made by the entire community of Navionics users, all delivered in real time on your mobile device, and delivered daily to your plotter along with Freshest Data. **


Compatible Plotters:
Lowrance HDS Gen2
Lowrance HDS Gen1 with 4.1 software update
Raymarine e-Series & c-Series


Plotter circa 1985* Does not include Denmark (where Government regulations do not support this offer)
** not viewable with all plotter manufacturers

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